Education & Support

Emily Jones talks CEO support

Emily Jones attributes the success of the Lambda Network to its initial support from Kodak senior management. The excerpt is from Lambda Network: Creating Change.

Emily Jones recalls loneliness

Emily Jones recalls the loneliness of being an LGBTQ Kodak employee and the lack of an LGBTQ supportive culture before the Lambda Network formed.

Laura Brooks talks about being and creating allies

From its beginning, the Lambda Network recognized the importance of having and creating allies. Eventually, a significant portion of the network's membership was of allies, and their support, inside and outside the network, helped amplify its mission and change Kodak's culture. The excerpt is from Lambda Network: Creating Change.

Lambda Network: Creating Change

During its 10th Educational Event with Management, the Lambda Network debuted Lambda Network: Creating Change, a film that celebrates, summarizes, and reaffirms the network.

To Tell The Truth

The Lambda Network created education and support, but a force infrequently cited and often present in their work was entertainment. Jokes, skits, and comedic relief were built into their Education Events with Management.

Second Annual Holiday Gayla sticker invitations

The Lambda Network at Kodak and the Gays And Lesbians At Xerox (GALAXe) grew up together. Each supported the formation of the other, and they hosted annual holiday galas, Gaylas, to celebrate themselves.

Flier of the Lambda Network's fundraiser with Deb Price

Deb Price was well read in Rochester, which had a rich LGBTQ community before the Lambda Network formed, and the network's success is partly due to its engagement with that community. Members of the Lambda Network were involved with local LGBTQ…

Logo of the Lambda Network at Kodak

A roll of film, a lens, light, moving up, and pixels. What do you think they represent?

OUTSpoken & Visible Award flier

The Lambda Network established the OUTSpoken & Visible Award program in 1996. In 2003, the network extended the program by allowing Kodak employees to nominate organizations in addition to people.

Lambda Network 1994 (1st) Bylaws

The Lambda Network's creation of bylaws marked the end of its informal existence.